Easter Sunday updates from CDN

Brothers and sisters,

The dark long wait is over, it is Easter Sunday and He is risen … He is risen indeed!

In a little more than an hour, at 11am, our Easter Sunday presentation will be available on the Cote des Neiges Facebook page. Join us as we affirm our faith together, pray together and look to the Lord’s comfort in the words of Psalm 30. “Sorrow may tarry for the night, but joy comes in the morning.” (Please note that you don’t have to watch at 11am …it is recorded, not live, and it will be available to watch after that, and can be forwarded to others that it may help.)

A few things are missing from that presentation, including a couple of updated prayer requests.

We have been praying for Thérèse, the mother of our brother Thierry Arouna Ngapna. After returning to Cameroon following her cancer diagnosis, she was able to travel to India for treatment. She is now home in Cameroon, not feeling well between the effects of the illness and the treatment, but the family continues to hope in the grace of God. Pray for them, and for many other families struggling with illness.

We also add three subjects of thanksgiving.

Some of you know that we were trying to get Anne Sutton Brown connected by phone in her new temporary residence in Lachine when the pandemic shut everything down – including our visits and the visits from the Bell technician who would have set up the new phone line. We have managed to get some mail in and a bit of mail out. About ten days ago, one of the orderlies kindly used her own tablet to give Anne some face time with her siblings in the US. But we have been basically out of contact with her. This week, with one of Anne’s sister, we have managed to set her up with a cell phone. (The process of then getting the phone sanitized and into the facility to be deeply sanitized again and delivered to Anne is another story which can be told on another day!) But Anne now has the cell phone, is learning to use it and has been able to call out to several people. She is doing well and depending on the CBC on her radio to keep her from total boredom. Praise the Lord for small mercies!

With the collaboration of our elders and several members of the congregation, we have been able to call through to everyone of our members and adherents to be sure that everyone is okay and have what they need. We have been able to continue delivering groceries, prepared meals, prescription renewals, etc. to those who need them. Your continued support and prayers for this important ministry is important. Praise the Lord for keeping us safe and for providing what is needed!

And then a sign of life and hope in the middle of this pandemic. Many of you will remember our brother and sister Anthony and Stelly Beshay who moved to New Brunswick several years ago as there were openings in pharmacies for Anthony’s work. They are continuing to do well and after many years of waiting and prayer, the Lord has blessed them with a new little life … on Easter weekend! I have attached two pictures of Thomas Anthony Beshay, born on Saturday, April 11th at 02:55 am. Mum and the baby are doing well … praise the Lord for happy signs of hope and new life to come!

And finally, for many of you who like me will miss our heartfelt Easter Sunday morning singing, I include below some links to a number of well known Easter Hymns and choruses online. If you click the links you should be taken right to the sites and many of the videos will include the words so that you can sing along. (The list has been helpfully compiled by the organist at St Edwards Presbyterian Church in Beauharnois.)

As we look to the weeks ahead our understanding is that it will be several more weeks before we can meet again in person at the church building. We are proposing two things. We hope to be able to prepare a video service for each Sunday that will be posted on the Facebook page for the Sunday morning, and we are trying to confirm a connection for the Wednesday prayer and Bible study that would allow many of us to connect online, to see one another, to exchange and to pray together. Watch your email and we will send you details in the days ahead.

I want to remind any of you who need help or assistance, or who know somebody who does, not to hesitate to reach out to us with a request. We are here to care for each other.

May the God of peace,

Who raised to life the Great Shepherd of the sheep,

Keep us and make us ready to do His will in every good things,

Through Jesus Christ,

To whom be glory for ever and ever.